September 19, 2007

Grandparents Day

My Daughter's Grandparents Day celebration was yesterday. In one of my postings I did mention how she didn't want to go to school. I did make a nice t-shirt with photos of her grandparents on it. She loved it as it was a surprise for her. She woke up finding the t-shirt hung on her closet door.

A week ago, she brought up the topic again and this time asking me, her dad or someone to go for that day. She was desperate to even suggest one of her uncles and aunts. I had to explain that its hard for someone to take a day off. It was hard to hear her say "I'm going to be all alone on that day".

For a week, this Grandparent Day has been mulling in my mind. I finally decided that I'll go and Daddy will have to take the day off to watch Greg.

I was one of the youngest "Grandma" in the class. hahaha... They had a little card with individual student's name on it that the grandparents were to sign. Gilly brought me hers and I signed on behalf of my parents. Oh!!! when I walked into her classroom, her teacher was at the door to greet me. She quickly remarked "I liked Gillian's shirt. We got her to come up and show all of us her t-shirt and talked about how far her Grandparents lived". So, Thanks Godma MJ for that suggestion. It sure made her feel special.

After looking around the classroom (like I've never been in that class) we proceeded to the lunch room to have a light lunch. We found a spot to sit and Gilly loved her treat of Flakes chocolate. I know.. I'm not suppose to bring unhealthy food to school but hey... its Grandparents Day and Grandparents are suppose to SPOIL their Grandkids!!!

As I reached home, I had about 3 minutes (that is how near her school is to our house) drive to reflect on the Grandparents Day. I am SO GLAD that I did go on behalf of her Grandparents. She was correct about being all alone if we didn't go. Most of the kids had their grandparents there. Alone sitting at his desk was a Boy who didn't have anyone there. Even when the whole room was filled with kids and their grandparents, nobody noticed him. He said his grandparents were not coming and they didn't speak English. He was so miserable and when I asked if he wanted to join Gilly and I for lunch, he put his head against his table and didn't answer me. A few minutes later I saw his eyes were all red. I empathize with him as I know that would have been Gilly if I wasn't there. Later when Gilly went to him to ask him to join us, she came running happily telling me that his Aunt came. That was nice but being late too didn't help.

Lesson learnt, listen to the subtle signs from our kids when they cry out for help. And follow our motherly instinct. I know some will say our kids have to cope with whatever that comes their way but no matter what, as a mom if I can help... I will, no matter how busy or "unimportant" it seems.

Here are a few photos of her t-shirt for Grandparents Day.


Anonymous said...

Well done to you and your daughter. What a wonderful day. Hey, your mum hasn't changed much.

My heart goes out to the little boy. Sometimes, I wonder if schools should be more sensitive to children whose grandparents are not around, especially in this day and age, a lot of young migrants with young children who do not have their grandparents living near them.

Beachlover on 20 September, 2007 01:36 said...

wow!!..Gillian T-shirt imprint so creative and nice.I never think of putting Malaysia map on it.Look at Gillian face,so happy with her sweet smile:)

Geraldine on 20 September, 2007 08:09 said...

Judy: yes my mum hasn't changed alot just a few more grey hair. She is still the cheerful lady and the life of a party. Gone are the strict school teacher days.

beachlover: very easy to do one. just go buy the t-shirt transfer from officemax or depot or staple. add your pix.. then cut them and place them on your t-shirt... voila.. cool shirt. Gilly was very happy so happy until her big eye become kecik eye in the pic.


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