September 20, 2007

Steamboat Dinner

Notice the amber glowing under the pot?? Yes, its the old traditional charcoal ones and not the easy gas type.

Kids showing off their new spoons

Last night we just had our first steamboat dinner. My mom gave me her precious steamboat 5 years ago on one of her visits and finally after all these years of collecting dust, we finally put it to good use. I'm sure she would have chuckle seeing photos of my rascals having fun with her steamboat.

The kids had a blast throwing food into the pot and fishing what they liked. We had to be extra careful with Greg as he was capable of tipping the table. He did listen when we told him what would happen if the soup were to fall on him. Yet we still kept an eye out for him. Gilly is bigger now and enjoys picking her own food.

However because we started it later than expected, we ended up feeding the mosquitoes too. Yes we did use the citronella candles but... it wasn't 100% efficient. The kids want to do it again and we may just start earlier this Sunday. Oh.... we had to go borrow charcoal from our neighbor too hahaha.. so hopeless lah me. Good thing was he started the fire for his BBQ pit so it was just nice. I had nice hot coal without having to do the hard work. Phew!!!

Below are a few photos of my "baby" growing up so fast and I've can't find my remote control to pause his growth. He is now in the 4-year preschool program and he just enjoys it. Next year he turns 5 and will be in Full-Day Kindergarten and he is looking forward to sitting the yellow schoolbus that his Ci-ci has been sitting for the past 3 years. My baby is getting very cheeky (mischevious) and yet loving too. He tries to help me "mop" which sometimes when I'm in a rush and finds it "tin tay"( hokkien for in the way) but its ok.. he is enjoying it plus its training time for him later on. He doesn't know he has to mop the floor when he is older.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, steamboat. My kids absolutely love steamboat. Thanks for this reminder. I think I should have a steamboat dinner the night before my daughter leaves for university. :)

Lovely photos, how precious they are.

Anonymous said...

Indeed steamboat is one of the best Chinese culture that's worth passing down from generation to generation. The reason is that by just pouring plain water (or chicken boiled soup) with lots of other fresh ingredient, you can call it a great dinner, with great fun for the kids, participatory atmosphere for the guests and not the mention good healthy boiled food with little fat floating around.

But this is not the best reason.

The best reason is that it can mask how bad a cook is for the host!! Plain water, raw ingredients and sauces, thats all for the best atmosphere. You don't need to be a Michelin three stars to host a great dinner.

So thats the best invention for modern homemaker. Since their level of cooking ability appear to get worst with each successive generation, steamboat is a great saviour to provide the best mean around.

ICook4Fun on 21 September, 2007 16:27 said... your kids looks really happy :) The last time I had steamboat was more then 2 years ago. Too bad hubby don't eat things like that if not I will sure to do this during cold winter.


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