September 6, 2007

My First Heart Attack

Relax Relax.. its not the real Heart Attack but good enough to make me go nuts today.My girl has always been the outgoing type of person. When it comes to sitting down and doing some project, she will hesitate but if you ask her to go outside to run or jump, she'll be faster than the lighting.

Our daily routine after school is to check her folder to see if there is any homework and also to see what she has done for the day. OH MY GOSH... I saw a cirled C !!!!! 76% !!!!! I had a shock of my life. Not that my girl is a genius but I always make sure she does know her work. Throughout 1st Grade she always got As and never even a B. To get a C eventhough it wasn't a test was shocking.

I asked her where was her list of spelling word as I suspect Fridays are Spelling Test days. Last year her teacher would send home a list on Mondays and I remember last week her new teacher did the same thing. Then she comes asking me where I put her homework paper. I was so blur as I didn't remember seeing any. She told me I must have thrown it away. I thought that could be possible as the school does send alot of junk papers.

Now, today was Open House where you get to see her new classroom and new teacher. There I see her having a Yellow Card, Green card means she is doing well while yellow means she didn't do something or she has been naughty. I asked her how come and she told me she didn't hand in her homework. When it was my turn to speak to her teacher, I asked what paper was my girl refering and she showed me. THEN I really got mad... because I know I saw that paper the last week but not this week. This is a form where the parent has to report on their Child's reading assignment. I KNOW I didnt' receive this paper and that means she didn't put that paper into her folder along with her Spelling list. !!!!!!!

So in 2 minute car drive home from school, she had to endure a not so pleasurable car ride. I know she is in 2nd Grade (similar to Primary 2 or Standard 2) and some would say I'm too hard on her. But I still have to let her know that not showing me homework doesn't mean she will not get into trouble. SIGH..... motherhood... I can't wait until she is 12.


Anonymous said...

I think being the eldest, we tend to be harder on them. I admit I was the same with my son. Your girl will be fine. As my children would say, "You parents make mistakes too, you forget things too." If we ponder on what they say, it is true. We have good days and bad days.

Don't for a moment think that when your girl turns 12, that will be the end. Ooops, sorry but you know what? My daughter became more careless, sloppy and messy as soon as she became a teenager.

Our children are such a treasure even at times we feel like tearing our hair out!

Have a blessed weekend!

Cat Cat on 07 September, 2007 21:27 said...

I'm just like you.. I always want my daughter to be the best. But sometime, we can be a little hard on young girls like ours. So, take it easy. Have a great weekend.

Geraldine on 07 September, 2007 23:25 said...

Today she came home with all her papers in order. Homework was placed where it should be. And she told me she passed her test and got her star. She did come and apologize for being careless and I guess I too gotta realize its just 2nd week of school and it maybe overwhelming for a 7 year old.

Time to sign up for Yoga... gotta relax.

Judy, NO.. I can't wait until 12 as I know the raging hormones will kick in and she drive me bonkers.

Geraldine on 07 September, 2007 23:26 said...

cat cat,

thanks. yeah.. we sometimes forget our oldest is actually still a baby. Have you started homework??

Cat Cat on 08 September, 2007 09:57 said...

Not yet. Kinder tarak homework yet. Maybe 1st grade. Not looking forward to that.. ;)

Beachlover on 10 September, 2007 01:02 said...

Jane..listen to you.Now I have nightmare already.


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