November 16, 2007

Hit Me One More Time!!!

My 4 year old boy and 7 year old girl are fighting alot these days. Gilly has become more physical as she would hit her brother if I'm not near her. I've caught her hitting or kicking her brother. Two nights ago, the little one came running to me, crying that his sister hit him on his face. I finally told her I'm just gonna let her hit her brother and not punish her. I told her that all she does by hitting him is to teach him how to hit. One day he will grow up and be bigger than her and then when he hits her, she has to bear with it as she was his hitting teacher. She was quiet for a long time and knew to go read her storybook to stay safe.

It was Greg's bath time and I told him he was allowed to have his bubble bath. He enjoyed himself and had the whole tub to himself. The next night, Gilly asked if she could have her bubble bath. I told her No because Greg was given the privilege of bubble bath as he got beaten the night before. She didn't kick a fuss to my surprise. However, my little rascal realize what was happening.. and next thing I saw him egging his sister and I could hear her screaming... He was bugging his sister and saying "Hit me one more time! Hit me one more time!" He figured out that if Gilly were to hit him then he gets to have another bubble bath.

Luckily he hasn't heard Britney's song "Hit me baby one more time".


Cat Cat on 17 November, 2007 19:13 said...

Ah, my little one also like to hit her big sister all the time... I have to use your tactic and see if she will stop hitting her big sister...
Aiyo, pening kepala lah - everyday both of them fight and fight non-stop over toys.

Geraldine on 17 November, 2007 20:25 said...

cat cat,
you better not.. little one will quickly realize how they can benefit from the situation.. like how my rascal figured out "oh.. if i get ci-ci to hit me than i get bubble bath".

Beachlover on 17 November, 2007 22:35 said...

How come the big one hit the small one arg??...I think if there is more than 1 kid at home,we all have that problem.Look at Mishu,she by herself,so she bully me all the time:(

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, kids are so cute in their own way of thinking.

Geraldine on 24 November, 2007 21:05 said...

Lesley, I think its a stage they go thru, a friend who has a son who is the same age as gilly is also hitting his younger sibling.
Only thing I can tell myself is thru fighting they learn to forgive and hopefully they will remember that when they are grown ups.

Judy, yes kids can be creative and innocently truthful. Its just amazing to see how the person in a tiny body can come up with ideas.


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