November 12, 2007

Improved French Bulletin Board

I improved on my bulletin board eventhough I told myself that was it. I wasn't going to work on it again. But knowing myself that somehow the board needed something I couldn't help myself. I dragged the board to a friend of mine (she lives in chinatown) who is very artsy.. and she gave me her constructive critique and suggestion. Hey.. she even sponsored some supplies (knowing she has endless amount of craft supplies). I've added more batting to make the board look more plushy plus just tiny paper flowers added more dimension to the board. I did find a cute Hello Kitty photo and printed it on those T-shirt transfer papers and iron it on the cloth. I am not too happy with what I did with the Personalized name as I didn't get it and the ribbon to align properly (hate to blame it on 11.30pm, last minute work but I guess I was getting too tired and reckless). I do hope the little girl loved it as its one of a kind present!!

We were at the party this Saturday at one of the suburb Park District. For some overseas friends, we have Park Districts (kinda like Town Council that runs special programs or facilities for their town residents. You can rent their facilities for parties and this one happen to have a huge carousel and climbing thingy (similar to McD's playland). The kids had fun as they had the carousel to themselves and could run between rooms to either play on the carousel or climby thingy... They play for 2 hours and our kids sure did have fun.

We did drive by this forest preserve that does fence in some elks. This township is named after some Elks and I guess that is why they do keep some elks in the forest preserve. The kids had never gotten near an elk and were thrilled when dad told them to gather some leaves that had fallen on the ground to feed the elk. At first, the elk took few steps back but when he or she saw the kids reaching out with leaves, it timidly walked towards them and ate off their hands. Greg was giggling and ran to get more. I had to remind him to slowly walk towards the elk as the running will scare it away. They fed the elk a few more times until the elk walked away. The kids were dissapointed and we told them the elk was most probably full. They understood and jumped back into the van saying "we will come feed the elks again".

While we were in the neighborhood, I decided to drive by our old apartment, we stayed there for almost 2 years until we had our house built. It was a tiny 660 sq.ft apartment, eventough it was rental and it was tiny, we sure had good happy memories there. Hubby did say, "why bother going back there". I told him it was a nice reminder of how we all started our lives as a family. PLUS.... there is this playground near the apartment that has an awesome slide. Yes... this slide is so cool as its not a flat metallic slide, its made of rollers so when you sit on it.. the rollers will roll you down and Gilly would make some sound and with all that bump.. you make a bumpy ahhhh sound. Even Greg who was sleeping by the time we got to the park got all excited. He loved making the bumpy ah ah ah sound too. They got to play for 5 minutes only as it was getting cold. Sorry, I forgot to take any photos of the kids on the slide. I know somewhere in my archives I do have a photo of Gilly on it. Maybe one day I'll hunt for it.
Until then, have fun friends.


MJ Tam on 12 November, 2007 19:47 said...

wow...that artsy friend of yours must be really smart! hehe

love the carousel pics! you think we can get it for $100.00?

All these inside jokes make me sound so stupid to others doesn't it. Anyhoo - I guess the important part is that you get the joke...hehe

Now, I say you should definitely sell the French Boards! And this part is no joke! Give it a shot --- you never know!


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