November 13, 2007

My crazy day

My daughter has taken upon herself to be the board of censorship. Last night, she showed me a birthday invitation that she had received last week. Yes last week and her reasoning for not showing it to me was "Mummy, I'm not going to this party because I have to go to the Tree Decorating event at the Brookfield Zoo". I was surprised and yet tickled to see her reasoning. Oh Yes... I rather go to the Zoo so I don't need to show you this birthday invite. Knowing if she had no other events she would jump to any invite and shove the invitation card on my face. I just had to call to RSVP to the boy's mom and apologize for the late RSVP too.

I realize that my baby, who is now 7, has learnt to show me what she wants to show me. Hence becoming a censorship board.

Yesterday, seem to be a busy day for me. First I had to see what was in my Gilly's huge bulging bag. Yes, she took upon herself to lend her teacher 2 of her Enid Blyton books which were hardcover. Plus bringing her photo album to school for god knows who to see. Imagine, her bag which is almost as big as she is when its empty whatmore when its bulging heavy. I had to remove all her books and told her to think about which book she wish to loan her teacher and take it another day.

Greg had a mild fever and he loved me so much, he had to run upstairs to come puke at me. Yes, he was watching TV downstairs and ran upstairs pass the powder room to come vomit on me and the carpet. Later I asked him if he knew he was going to puke when he ran upto me. He said YES... golly gee.... I asked him why didn't he run to the powder room which was nearer to him.. he just shrug and gave me a blank look. Puking on Mummy must be a thrill thing to do when one is sick. Thank God for Bissell SpotBot which makes my cleaning easier.

My mother in law has gone in for a masectormy, she found out she had early stage breast cancer. Last Sunday, she asked me how to say urinate and poo in English. She doesn't speak too much English and living all these years in Chinatown she could get along fine with just speaking Chinese. I spent 2 hours online trying to find chinese words and its english translation. Just simple words like thirsty, painful, cold, hot or fever, urinate and No.2 which one would say to a nurse. I finally did print them out in a 4 x 6" card and laminated it. Sent it to my brother in law and hopefully he didn't forget to take it with him to the hospital. At least with that card, she could point at the english word which is next to the chinese words she needed to express. Now don't laugh at me for taking 2 hours to come up with 10 words. I don't read nor write chinese so it was pretty challenging for me. Luckily I had friends who were online that checked on my task.

I pray things will go smoothly for her. I guess breast cancer research has advanced so much these days that one knows their chances of recovering is higher. She just has to stay overnight and doesn't have to have radiation because of her age.

That's part of my crazy day ... and I managed to blog as well in the midst of all the chaos..



Cat Cat on 14 November, 2007 23:01 said...

Sorry to hear about your MIL. I pray for her recovery soonest possible.

Geraldine on 25 November, 2007 08:16 said...

Cat cat, she is recovering well from her surgery. Thanks.


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