November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year Thanksgiving is just among us 4. I didn't want the hassle of too many people and decided to have a quiet dinner. I guess I'm too Malaysian and not having the zest in celebrating Thanksgiving. I remember last year he told me that we should get at least a turkey as the kids are starting school and he thought Gilly would feel left out when the kids talk about their Thanksgiving meal. Alright, I dragged myself out to Dominicks and got a Oven Ready Turkey Breast. Something simple and easy, and the kids had a good time. This year, it just became automatic that we would go get the "Easy" turkey. Maybe one day I'll try the whole turkey.

This year Thanksgiving day is also our wedding anniversary. Its been 8 years and hubby was nice to surprise me with a nice bouquet of yellow roses. He remembers that I love yellow roses. I guess we had our romantic dinner with 2 candles named Gilly and Greg. For some of you, we have 2 wedding anniversaries. We got married in front of a Judge in November then in March we had our church wedding so don't get confused if you hear me mention wedding anniversary again in March.

One of my girlfriend, Katherine, did invite me to her place when she found out that we were not going to go to the in-laws. But I just wanted it to be us 4. Thanks Katherine for the invite, it made my day knowing you do care for this silly Malaysian Chinese woman.

Back to dinner, we had our "dinner" at 2.30 pm.. I know its a weird time but by the time the food was done... we just couldn't resist the food. OK... don't laugh at my mismatched plates, I'll try to go to Linen N Things and get better utensils for next year. Lesley and Gert, do remind me when there are good sales.

We have since finished our turkey and have still alot of cornbread stuffings and sweet potatoes. I guess we will still be eating it for the next 2 days.

Here are some of my photos from our dinner. Greg must be really growing cos he didn't do his "gobble gobble gobble" chant anymore. He usually does that before he bites into a piece of turkey.

My rascals before digging in

I'm done.

Andre Rieu is starting on PBS... gotta go watch him play and imagine myself as good as he is... what a dream... hahahahaha.. ciao


Beachlover on 25 November, 2007 02:07 said...

good idea,just order precook oven Turkey!! I wish I can do that..your kids are so cute...Greg really look grown up,big boy already:)

ICook4Fun on 25 November, 2007 15:18 said...

Wow, you too cook a lot. What is that a dessert with lots of marshmallow on top? Your food must be really yummy as your son really clean up his plate :) :)

Cat Cat on 25 November, 2007 19:42 said...

Gilly has grown so much... She's such a cute little girl... Yeah, you should try to roast a whole turkey... I absolutely love the turkey wings...

Geraldine on 27 November, 2007 08:03 said...

Lesley and Gert, I took the shortcut way with the turkey so that made it so much easier and faster. The marshmallow is just on top of the baked sweet potatoes. I added them the last 5 minutes.

Cat cat, I may try the whole turkey next year. Yes, Gilly has grown up alot this year. I was just looking at her 6th birthday photos and notice how baby-ish she was.

Geraldine on 03 December, 2007 16:56 said...

Hi Uncle Lee,

I glad to hear you are back in action. I heard about you at Rita's site but you removed everything. I've seen your latest blog and you sure have a very cute way of dedication. Keep up your blog and do not let anyone stop you from your passion.

Yes, Andre Rieu is not only gorgeous but sexy too... I love to hear him play and wish his concert tix would be cheaper. Its abt $230per pair and no they dont' sell individual tix...Its a PBS event. Will you be going for his Toronto concert on Dec 14 & 15? I am presuming you live somewhere in that area.


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