February 20, 2008

Kids & their thoughts

My kids are now 7 and 4. Throughout these years they have kept us on our toes and very well entertained.

I've decided to write down some of their thoughts. Its just amazing how a tiny litle human can think of things.

My all time favorite....

Gilly was then 4 years old. While driving to preschool, she started noticing the houses that we drive-by would have 2 garage doors (3 car garage). One day she tells me she wants a house with 2 garage doors. I told her we don't have the money as only Daddy works. This went on for weeks. Another time she played at her classmate's house and noticed her friend, J had a walk-in closet. Again, she tells me she wants a walk-in closet in her room. I again told her we don't have enough money to buy a bigger house with a walk-in closet. I told her if she doesn't mind going to daycare and I would go to work then we can have a bigger house. She agreed at first until I further explained that I would have to stop her ballet lessons as I would be at work and she would have to stop preschool as she would be in the daycare from morning until almost night time. She then said "I want Momma stay home."

Then... she starts telling me she wants another baby sister. Here we just had a baby boy (Greg) and there she starts asking for another sibling. I guess I'm not the only who was dissapointed in not having a baby girl.. but another this quick??? hahaha no way.... I laughed and told her "No.. only Daddy is working we can't afford another baby. Another baby means we need more baby food and diapers." She tried convincing me that since she doesn't wear diapers, her baby sister can have her share of diapers."

A few weeks passed and in the car again(it always happens in the car), suddenly the request of baby sister started again. I smiled and told her the same thing "Daddy is the only one working so we can't afford another baby". She was quiet for awhile and then came the sell -- "Mummy, how about this? You go have more husbands then we can have babies." I was shocked and tickled at the same time at her suggestion. She kinda got the concept of more people at work = more $$$ = more babies. She just didn't know mummy can't have too many husbands at the same time.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing what goes through kids' minds.

My daughter used to think that each time we wanted money, all we had to do was go to the Automatic teller machine or bank to get money. Unbeknown to her that you first need to have money in order to draw money. :)

Geraldine on 27 February, 2008 11:03 said...

Yes, kids at this age are cute and they make life worth living if you can stay sane.. hahaha
as for the In laws.. hahaha I love Caller ID!!!!

Judy, yes I agree with you, my Gilly thought money comes from ATM too.


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