February 25, 2008

My baby is going to Kindergarten

Today seems like another ordinary day, getting Gilly ready for school and finding out Greg has a slight fever. Gotta blame it on the crazy weather over this weekend. It was freaking 36ºF which sounds very cold but with weeks of 18-20ºF, 36ºF does feel warm. Now what do boys do when they think its warm? They refuse to wear their wintercoats and then... he catches a chill.

This isn't the biggie for mummy, I took him to Gilly's school. It wasn't his speech lesson today but to register him for Kindergarten. Yes, my baby is going to Kindergarten this fall. Another mom who was signing up her oldest child asked me if I was crying. I laughed and told her I can't wait to get out the champagne when he jumps up the school bus in August.

I don't know if I would really be jumping for joy or crying. I remember tearing up realizing that Gilly wasn't with me all the time anymore when she left on the school bus on her first day of school. Now Greg, for the past 3 years he has been my little best buddy always following me everywhere while his sister was in school. I really don't know how I'm going to feel. Yes, I've plans to start stain glass class and cake decorating class but not having my "baby" with me will be something I'll have to learn. For the past 8 years, I've put my life aside to attend to my babies. I guess I'll be on another journey again. For now... I'll enjoy the next 3 months I have my "baby" with me.

Gregory when he was just born.

Greg now


Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog. My boy also going to kindergarten this coming Monday after we have certain issues with the nanny. Hey wanna exchange link? You know wat, you got the same surname as me... KWAN. hahaha

Geraldine on 01 March, 2008 11:26 said...

HI Suesue,
Its been fun reading your blog. I always laugh when you grumble about ur "wonderful" boss and glad I just had to deal with my 2 kutus. I've added you to my read list.. Kwan is actually my hubby's surname which I've legally changed to in USA. Is yours spelt Kwan or Kuan?


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