February 23, 2008

My Saturday Surprise

I woke up this morning and when I went downstairs, I found this box in the middle of my kitchen. Greg had dragged it to the middle so that I could trip over it. I wondered who sent it to me as I didn't buy anything online lately. To my surprise I recognized the sender... yahoo.... must be food .. it was from Raymond See of MyTasteofAsia.

I wondered what goodies he sent and quickly I opened it.. Its just like Christmas!!!
Here is my loot!!

I'm excited to see the seafood paste as its Lent and that means every Friday I'll have to cook fish or shrimp. MyTasteofAsia has a very good selection of Malaysia food supplies. It helps alot of us who have not gone home for along time. My kids have fallen in love with our Mamee noodles. They just love snacking it and has since taught their kwai-lo friends to eat it. This past Christmas I ordered some of the curry paste and gave them away as presents. My friends were delighted as they just didn't dare venture into cooking our South East Asian cuisine. The paste helped alot. I'll post some of the dishes when I've cooked them.. my weakness is eating up the food before my camera can do anything...

Notes by Jane: I just tried the teh tarik and I love this version as its less sugar.


Anonymous said...

Jane, you are very blessed that a your friend from Taste of Asia sent you all the food stuff. Wah, the sotong.....slurrp! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased with your loyal Msian food supplier. Now I can RELAX!!!!!!!

Geraldine on 27 February, 2008 10:54 said...

Judy, yes I'm lucky he sents stuff. Want to come over and share some sotong?

Clara, no you can never relax. I need that durian chips... ran out and no supplier around!!! hahaha


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