May 7, 2008

Matt's Birthday Party

Last Saturday we were at a birthday party. It was at not a usual party as we were invited to go watch Aladdin at Emerald City Theatre in Chicago (ah... no... not Admiral Theater !!!!). Yes, its the Disney's Aladdin and for the young audience version. The kids had a lovely time watching Aladdin. The kids had a good laugh a the jokes and even the parents were laughing as they added some "adult' jokes as well. By the end of the show, Greg was jumping up and down clapping his hands when each actor came for their final bow. Greg loved Genie the mostest as he says it. Gilly just can't get over how pretty Princess Jasmine is. Apparently it was their 1st show, and I guess being the guinea pigs, the production had a few hiccups like Jasmine's hair almost falling off... a few miss lines... but hey.. what the heck.. the kids had a blast of time. Greg got abit restless towards the end, but I guess its normal for a 5 year old to be restless. Gilly was enchanted by the actors that she sat still for once ... hahaha....

Kids with Jafar

Being the so popular Princess, it was hard to get to photo the kids with her..

but Gilly insisted on a photo of Jasmine... Your wish shall be Granted

Ever so cute and lively Iago

Greg's favorite ... The Genie


MJ Tam on 09 May, 2008 03:48 said...

Didn't you think Prince Ali Abubu was hot? hehe...kidding!

Glad to have you guys at the party.


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