May 14, 2008

I don't think I like Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. Here in Chicagoland, Mother Nature didnt' give us a break or did she? Well it was raining heavily and it was so windy that I could feel my house shake. What did I do... I decided to have a nice day and not rush out for Church. Shhh!!!! Please don't tell God that I've been sinful. Its Mother's Day... I do deserve a break. Well, I just stayed in bed and watched TV the whole day. It was between Hallmark and Lifetime Channel and boy I sure enjoyed myself. Hubby went to get us McD breakfast and man that was delicious (as long as I don't have to cook and clean up... anything is delicious). What did we have for lunch and dinner? I seriously don't remember... maybe it was leftovers and take-outs.. but definitely not my gourmet cooking.

I did have a very nice Mother's Day present from the kids... a pot of dianthus from Gilly and a hand drawn mug from Greg... but the bestest of all was from Hubby.. He vinyl tiled the steps in my garage and pegboarded my garage wall for me to hang my tools... and that was all done WITHOUT me asking him to do it. I told him that was the best present ever. Men out there.. if you want your wife to respect you and admire you and get extra "action".... that's the way to go.. do things for your wife without being told to do so!!!!!!

Then came my boy... he was starting to fight with his sister so I told him to take a nap. He said NO without hesitation... and I told him, "Its Mother's Day, you should nap and make mummy happy." He gave me that look tat said "I'm thinking here".... and then proceeded to tell me "I dont' think I like Mother's Day".... sigh.... I guess its gonna be a annual thing he won't be looking forward to... him having to make something for mummy and celebrate it... and yet not liking it when that day comes... hahaha.. too bad...


Moments In Time on 16 May, 2008 14:46 said...

Mama Kwan. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Must sama sama kepoh la. Gorgeous kids! You make me laugh with your latest entry. Isn't it funny, we don't have kids, we berangan-angan, want one so bad, and then you have kids and wish for a moment's quiet! ha ha talk about the grass being greener on the other side :)


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