May 16, 2008

Last day at PreSchool

Today, its been an up and down day for us here. Being a last minute person, I had to wake up and quickly make Greg's Preschool Contact list, then wrap up 3 presents for his teachers then rush to school to get the list xerox-ed. I realized after leaving Greg in school that I didn't have breakfast. Oppss...

Besides being a crazy day, it was emotional too. I had to fill up the Thank You cards for Greg and he helped with the wordings. When he was about to sign his name, I noticed he was wiping his face. I suspected what it was and by the 2nd card, I knew for sure. He has had tears in his eyes everytime he came up with wordings for the cards. By the 3rd card, he was really down. I had to sit and tell him it was OK that it was his last day of school.

Yes, my baby is having a hard time saying goodbye to his preschool days. He has had a wonderful 2 years in preschool. His teachers have been lovely to him, teaching him school is a nice and fun place to be. Its amazing how both my kids started scared going to preschool and ending up excited about full day Kindergarten by the time they finish preschool. I'm very grateful my kids and I have had a good experience with the teachers and staff at our park district.

Its been hard for me too. I know summer is coming and I look forward to having fun with the kids free of any schedules. We are looking forward to spending our days at the waterpark but at the same time I've been feeling abit nostalgic. This is my last day taking my kid to preschool. The next time I'll be taking any kid to preschool will be my grandkids!!! Man... do I feel old now.... hahaha... I guess being in my late 30s... and still having a kid in preschool always made me feel still "young"... Oh well.... knowing me.. I'll survive and look forward to all my future adventures. As for preschool days... I will miss it .... hey.. Katherine if you need a buddy, give me a call and I'll come with you when you drop Cricket at preschool!!!

One of the best things about preschool... I've made awesome friends with these 2 ladies, Katherine and Sherill. I will miss the times where we all go hang out at Starbucks, Target or Costco while waiting for the kids. You gals did make my mornings interesting.. and for this.. I am grateful to have met you guys.


MJ Tam on 19 May, 2008 23:11 said...

Our kids are definitely growing fast! In just in 2 short years I will be taking Katie to preschool! Still can't believe it.

Glad to see that you befriended some Moms in school. Great company always make each day something to look forward to.

Hurrah for Summer!!!! Like you, I can't wait to spend our days out this summer.


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