May 8, 2008

One more year to Mammogram

Yesterday, May 7th was my Birthday. I just celebrated my 39th birthday... the last of my thirties... and next year I'll qualify for Mammogram.... Is it scary to be 39? No, I like my age.. I rather be where I am than in my twenties where we don't who we are and always trying to please everyone. Do I please anyone at this age? No but the difference is I don't care anymore. I'm just comfortable with who I am. I guess with a loving hubby and two lovely kids, who could ask for more. I could!!! hahahaha... look at the photos.. my hubby has always been camera "challenged"

I've added photos of us at home with my birthday cake. Hubby went out to get us an ice cream cake. We did go out for dinner at Mimi's Cafe at Orland Park. We were pleasantly surprise at the good service. We asked what was good as it was our first time there... Not only were the kids given "free" fries when we realize their kids food didn't come with fries, the co-owner/manager came out at the end with a box of muffins for us to take home. Yes, it was free. Later I told Gilly that if they had told the manager it was my birthday, we would have gotten free cake as well but Daddy already has cake at home. We can't be too greedy can we.

I got a call at 8pm from Katherine, she called to wish me a Happy Birthday when she realized from Bella that it was my birthday. She told me Bella had mentioned during dinner that Greg had told their teacher it was my birthday. Apparently I was having a big birthday party and that I was 53!!!!!!! Yeah.. 53!!!! Later greg said Bella must have misheard cos I was 26.. hahaha yeah.. my kids thinks I'm 26 and that Daddy is 46. Chris(Bella's daddy) commented that I sure look good for a 53. We sure had a good laugh about that...

I certainly did have a nice birthday... relaxed as Daddy did take the day off and "Ahmad" (chauffered, in Malay) the kids around.

Nice clear pic of us... when we were not ready..

We were ready but Daddy had his magic touch and made photos blurry..


ICook4Fun on 09 May, 2008 10:44 said...

Wishing you a very Happy Belated Birthday and many more to come.

MJ Tam on 10 May, 2008 10:56 said...

Darn, you're freakin' old! You are 39???? Wow...amazing. Us young ones can't believe it. I didn't realize we have 10 years difference between us! Okay, 2 months...but you are still older than me by 2 months. And that's old! hehe


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