May 22, 2008

Plans for Memorial Week

Memorial weekend is just days away and I know what are my plans for that long weekend. We have a BBQ gathering on Monday but for the rest of the days... Take a guess or scroll down to see.
Back of van all filled up.

Squeeze 2 more trays in the 2nd row.

Yes, I've finally made myself drive out to this Nursery called Sunrise. Its about 45 min drive and its worth it as plants are usually much cheaper out there. Its the largest nursery I've seen so far. Its even bigger than whole of Home Depot or Menard and its all filled with annuals and perennials. We spent almost 3 hours there and I had to bribe Greg with a McD Happy Meal treat after this shopping spree. I will shut my mouth up about how much I spent there but there goes my 1 month of piano lessons money... Time to recruit more students???

Driving down to the nursery just reminded me that last year when I made my annual trip, my dad was with me. He helped me plant alot of my plants and this year I just have myself... oh my back.. one guy who walked passed my 3 tier cart smiled and said "you sure have you work cut out this weekend". I know I'm gonna tire myself but when you go to this nursery, you need to make sure you do buy as much as you need but oh... the variety of flowers they have is just so wide... makes me go crazy like how a kid gets crazy in ToyRus. I'll post photos of the garden once all the plants are in the ground or potted.


Anonymous said... planning to open your own botanical garden ah? Come move here to the west coast lah...then can help me clear up my weed garden.I'm such an expert at growing weeds! :P


Anonymous said...

Hey didnt know you loves gardening me. I also same like you, once in the nursery will go crazy and buy and buy. Can't wait to see ur garden. Remember to post up ya.

Geraldine on 28 May, 2008 23:04 said...

Can, if hubby can find a job near you.. I'll come help you with your weeds... hahaha... I love weeds and not that illegal type

Yes, I started gardening a few years ago thanks to a friend's guidance. She is now a certified Illinois Master Gardener and hopefully she can part more of her knowlege to me...hahaha I'll add the photos of the garden.. and hopefully I don't kill any of my plants.

Beachlover on 29 May, 2008 01:33 said...

oh!! you are same like me!if I visit Walmart ,Home Depot ,Lowe's or local landscaper,I will buy annual or prennial if it's on sale.This week Lowe's have sale for Impatient..Hurry b4 it over!!


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