June 2, 2008

Ballet Recital

Gilly has been dancing ballet since she was 4 and this is our 4th ballet recital. I decided from the beginning to send her to a proper ballet school instead of the park district program. I thought the consistency of a proper dancing school would be good for my active soon-to-be-tomboy. Oh... boy... I didn't know how expensive it would get. The monthly tuition fee isn't all that bad, its when its recital time that it can get pretty expensive. Not only were the tickets $18/person, this year Gilly had 2 costumes and they cost $60 each. Yes this mummy here who usually not spend $20 on an outfit at Target paid $60 for each outfit. My girl better dance GOOD!!!! Oh... there are also photos from photo sessions as well. Luckily those cost $25/costume...

This weekend, we had the recital. Yes its a 2 day dance recital and I'm happy to say Gilly did dance well. She has learnt how to smile during the whole dance routines. I've to say, she has improved from last year. Her outfits were cute, black/red was for her tap dance and a gold/yellow outfit was for her ballet. I've to say I'm quite relieved that she isn't advance yet. Her teacher helper had 13 outfits and that meant her mom had to shelf out almost $800. As a mom, I did watch with amazement how these 8 year olds can remember 2 dance routines and dance without fear or shyness. I don't think at that age I would have dare dance on stage. I've learnt its OK to watch her dance with tears in my eyes. I should be proud of how she has progressed and how pretty she looks.

This is the only time in the year Gilly is allowed to have makeup on her. I remember the 1st year I had to go for a stage makeup and hair workshop. The instructor told us to put on as much make up as we can as the make-up need to last 6 hours. Funniest thing she said was "to know how much is enough, when you are done putting the make-up on, show her to Daddy and if he freaks out ... that's the correct amount". For her age, they require minimum of mascara and eye liner, lipstick, eye shadow and blusher. The older girls would require false eyelashes and when that time comes, I won't know what to do as I've never used one before.

I got to spend 6 hours of Saturday chaperoning the girls. It was a nice time getting to know each girl and having to see the whole production from behind the scenes. Its not easy taking care of 150 girls. As the girls are getting older, its easier to watch them. We had arts and craft to keep them happy. They didn't run around as much as they did the last 2 years. I remember my 1st year, I had to come home and take 2 tylenol (panadol) as I had a headache from doing headcounts... and I had 2 that could not sit still. Only this year we had to learn to do quick costume change as the girls now had more than 1 costume... and there were 3 girls that had 4 costumes. I do look forward each year to helping out at the back. I better enjoy myself, in a few years Gilly would be big enough that I don't need to be backstage anymore.

Enjoy the few photos I took of her in her outfits, no video and photography allowed in the concert hall. We are expected to buy the DVDs.. $35/act.. and there are 2 acts!!!

Gilly in Stock Marker Crash costume

Gilly with her sidekicks

Gilly with her 17 tap dance buddies.

Gilly and proud Greg. He kept shouting and clapping for her when she was dancing.

My Future Prima Ballerina ?


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