August 29, 2007

Day out with Thomas

Every year the "Day Out With Thomas" comes to Chicagoland for a 2 weekends. I made it a point this year to take Greg there as he is grow up and soon will grow out tired of Thomas. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and has loved it for the past 2 1/2 years. This year, we decided to surprise him with this outing. He had no idea about this "Day out with Thomas".

On Saturday, I talked him into going to bed early and told him I have a nice surprise for you but you have to wake up at 6 am. 6am came and he didn't want to wake up. He crawled into my bed to snooze then when I told him to look at my camcorder, digital camera, cellphone and GPS is ready to go into my bag... he realized something special was happening.

He changed and got ready pretty quick. The trip was about 1 1/2 hours long as it was in Union Illinois. He slept on his way there and when he woke up, he heard the "toot" of a train. Only then did he realize he was looking at THOMAS.... he grin from ear to ear and there started his Magical Day.

Both the kids had their photo taken with Thomas and Greg was over the Moon. Gilly didn't have such a nice time as Greg as this was Thomas but she never once complained she was bored. She just went along with us even during the later part of the day when it was getting warmer and tiring. Later on that day, I gave her $20 and told her it was for her to spend as we did buy a Thomas alarm clock, table lamp, a pencil box and a wallet for Greg.

"Wow!! I see Steam... Thomas has steam coming out... I'm so excited... I get to ride on Thomas.... yeah...... " that was what went thru Greg's mind.

They had a about 8 cars and the cars were filled up very quickly. Its a 30 min ride and Greg had was so happy to sit in a Thomas Train. He even danced to the songs played during the train ride. This outing cost $16 per person (even for a kid) and we were lucky to have gotten tickets at the gate. I was suppose to order them online but forgot and decided to take my chance at the gate. I was just scared there wasn't anymore tickets and see Greg's dissapointed face. The $16 included the ride on Thomas. Its worth it when you see Greg beaming thinking this is all so real.

Greg got to take photos with Sir Topham Hatt and Gilly was nice to "help" accompany Greg as he was abit scared of approaching Sir Topham Hatt but the moment he stepped on the box, all his reservations flushed away.

That's all from our exciting Day out with Thomas.


Beachlover on 30 August, 2007 23:56 said...

your son look so 'leng chai"!!.Gillian also ada gaya!!cool outing!!.never know there is Thomas train in real!.

Anonymous said...

You got lovely kids.

This post brings back memories. My son was really into Thomas the Tank. :)


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