August 24, 2007

Off To School

August 22nd came so fast, after 3 months of summer holidays, I looked forward to this day. I hope I don't sound like I want my kids out of the house. We have a very nice summer vacation sleeping in late and not having to rush for classes. It was just time for school to start, my two kutus (malaysian endearing term meaning lice) are getting too accustom to each other that they fight over anything. Gilly wasn't too happy she was going back to school but after her 1st half day of school, she came home all excited and telling me who was in her class. Some old and alot new. I always take a photo of her while waiting for her school bus and I've added these 3 photos to show how much she has grown.

2005 - 1st day of Kindergarten

2006- 1st day of 1st Grade

2007- 1st day of 2nd Grade

Yesterday was her 2nd day of school and what a start of school year. When it was time to go pick her up from the bus stop, it started pouring and the sirens were blaring crazy. I quickly checked the TV and it showed it was Tornado Warning. I was getting worried as I didn't know if my child will be OK. I finally called the school from the basement and they told me they are holding on to all the students until its safe. She came home 1 hour later and told me they were all sitting down along their classroom corridor away from the windows. I asked if she cried and as usual she said NO which I truly know she wouldn't. Lets hope this will be a repeat.

That's for all for now. Smile and live your life to the fullest.



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