August 30, 2007

Finally Food and its Curry Maifun

My intro to food... Curry Maifun

Finally here it comes, some of you must be wondering when I'm gonna start blogging on food. From my size, you know I love food and its one of my weakness. OK.. OK... I'm trying to shed some pounds. Seriously, sometimes I can be such a lazy cook. When I'm lazy and hungry, I'll just go look at photos of food on people's blog and oddly, I get some satisfaction.

Whenever I read some food blogs, I'm amazed at how disciplined the bloggers are at taking photos of almost each stage of cooking. By the time I finish my dinner, I realize I forgot to take photo of the food... hahaha... I finally did take photos of 2 dishes... and here it goes.

I love Hup Loong and my sister was nice to send me a few packets of Hup Loong Curry Maifun. As always it turned out delicious and it was easy to cook. You just need to add chicken, shrimp(prawns), bean sprouts. I added hard boil egg and long beans and somehow I forgot to add "Tau Pok".



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