August 22, 2007

I'm still here & Iowa Trip

I’m BACK!!!! Did you all think I gave up blogging ?? I don’t think I’m that hopeless, just busy. I’ve been taking the kids out more before school starts. We did go to Iowa to visit my friend whom my kids call Grandma White. They love going to Iowa as they get to see cows, pigs and horses. It’s a 5 hours drive and we managed to stop in Iowa City to visit my ex-university friend, Florence. It was nice seeing her, as it was 7 years since I saw her. The last she saw me was when I just had Gilly and now she has a cute handsome 9-month-old boy. Driving to Iowa City was a 3 hours drive and my kids had fun playing with baby Nick and gladly hopped into the minivan to continue another 2 hours to our destination, Fayette.

The kids were glad to see Grandma Snow White (Greg calls her that) and loved running around without having to worry about cars. Fayette is a nice town small town of population 600. Yes, there were barely cars on the main street so I didn’t have to have my car “radar” on. We did visit another Malaysian friend (Loga) who married another friend of mine (Ron) and they live out in the farmland. Yes farmland, I was surprised as I always thought they lived in town. I hope I didn’t offend her with my surprise and I did tell her that I would have run for my life if I had to live there. I do admire her for it and love is great. You will do anything and everything for your loved ones. Who am I to say its wrong as long as she is happy, I’m happy for her. We did bring some goodies from chinatown for our friends and Grandma and Grandpa White enjoyed the Manila Mangoes and Egg Tarts. Jakarah (Grandma White's granddaughter) was there for the weekend and the kids had fun playing although being the only boy Greg got left out abit. Poor boy.. but he shadowed the girls and drove them Nuts.. hahahaha..

I did get to meet up with my ex-coworkers and got all-envious at how beautiful the office looks now after the renovation. It was a nice trip full of memories as I lived there for 3 years. Yes!! 3 years of cornfield and cornfield and nothing but cornfield.

On our way back, we stopped at Dyersville. Avid baseball fans will know of this town as Field of Dreams was filmed here. Little did I know that there is this outlet store located at this town. Its called RC2 and they sell Thomas Tank Engines and Lamaze Infant Toys. Greg got all excited when he realizes that there were Trains in that store. He got even more excited when he realizes that Mummy was letting him dump trains into the shopping cart. He wanted the metal trains and we managed to grab 9 sets for $36. Yes they were on sale and a few were just $2. The wooden trains were cheap too about $6. So if anyone wants to get cheap Thomas Trains. This is the place to go if you are driving by IOWA…

These are Greg's Precious Loot

Notice the $2.00 price tag ???

Iowa was our little summer trip which we hope we could repeat. Daddy didn't come with us as he had training and could not get out of it. I drove all by myself and managed to stay awake with coffee from McD. Three of us had our little adventure for this summer.



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