August 4, 2007

Sibling Slumber

Our Saturday mornings are very quiet as everyone gets to sleep in later. I found my babies asleep this way and was tickled by their sleeping positions. I seldom let them sleep together as its impossible to get them to go to bed. My girlie's sheet has a hole and I've yet to sew them and that's why she gets to sleep with her brother. I just showed them the photos I took of them and they were giggling amazed at how they didn't hurt each other even in their sleep.

For those that do not know about my family, I've a girl who is turning 7 in a few days and a son who just turned 4. I've been feeling so guilty these few weeks. We did not plan a birthday party for them this year. Their dad wanted a quiet birthday with them and I thought after having a 2 hectic months of April and June that we would just relax. I don't think I'll ever do that again. I just told my hubby my kids will have their birthday party next year. As it is they don't get to celebrate their birthdays in school as its summer holidays. The least I could do is to let them celebrate their birthday with family friends. I hope I'm not a bad mommy.

We did take Greg out on his birthday with his Nina (godma), Kor Kor, Matt Matt and baby KATIE (she is just 5 months old and I am accidentally "left" her name out. Bad Bad Tita!!!!) for a fun day of fishing. Then we had Chinese Buffet dinner. He did have a fun day and ended up happier when Mummy found him a Train Table (shh.. it was on sale at Target for $40)

Gilly has told me she wants to have Dim Sum on her birthday. So after her swim lessons, we will head down to Chinatown and continue her birthday with a day in the Water Park as per her request. I guess kids don't really care if they do not have a birthday party but being a MOM... I still feel guilty.

That's for all for now. Smile and live your life to the fullest.


Unknown on 05 August, 2007 19:30 said...

Hi Gerry,

It's great to read your blog. One thing for sure is that when kids are treated extra special during their birthdays, not having a party for them should never make you feel guilty.Last year, I gave Stacy, my girl a birthday card with poems. She still tells me that it was the best present she had received. Who would think a simple card tops the list of presents received.

Take care!Guilty for not keeping in touch for so long....stop working through the night for my projects burnt out....

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh...ur kids are so so cute!!!

But u better be careful, they might do the same thing to their daddy and see if they also sleep li-tat! LOL

Great pics..thanks for sharing!

MJ Tam on 14 August, 2007 14:42 said...

now much better...hehe

when is the next update???


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