August 28, 2007

Mummy Can I Stay Home

Yesterday when I was looking through my 7 year old's school folder, I saw her homework, it was a project for Grandparents Day. She had to hand in a Quilt with photos of family member etc.. It was to be presented to the Grandparents on Grandparents Day. The school has this celebration where Grandparents are invited to their classroom for an hour.

Most of you know that my parents are in Malaysia which is 22 hours flight away. That means Gilly has not had her Grandparents around for that Day. Hubby's mom only speaks chinese and therefore its hard for her to participate for that Day. So while I was looking at the instructions to the quilt, she says "Mummy, for that day can I stay home. I don't want to go to school". My heart broke when I heard her say that. I told her its ok to go to school on that day and enjoy her day eventhough her grandparents can't be there. She could still make her quilt and show her friends photos of her grandparents.

I spoke to my gf, MJ about this and she suggested on letting Gilly wear a t-shirt with photos of her grandparents ironed on.. and that way she does have her grandparents there and later mail the quilt to her grandparents. I'm feeling less guilty now and will run to Michaels to get her a blank t-shirt.. shhh... please don't mention this to her.. it's going to be a nice surprise for her on Grandparents Day.


Beachlover on 29 August, 2007 01:32 said...

Gillian is so cute!! Stay at home!!.That is what I do when exam come!!lol!.Wow! you're so sporting!!.print your parents pix in her T Shirt!!,Good for you!.Again mother love is the greatest!!


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