August 30, 2008

Update on Little "D"

A few weeks ago I blogged about my neighbor's new baby boy, Little D. They call him Nick. We are happy that he is now home with his parents. He is stable enough to come home. His mummy is very tired like any new mom would be. Only difference is its only she and her hubby that knows how to take care of him. Nick is hooked up to a monitor that tells if he is breathing properly. Basically, his parents are the only ones that knows how to take care of him and his life depends on both of them. Even his grandparents would not know what to do so its really all on Mummy and Daddy.
I've been their neighbors for the past 5 years and I'm shy to say I didn't really get to know them well. But since little Nick arrival, I've learn that not only D is a bubbly person, she is strong and determined, and even when things are hard, she sees the brighter side of things. Its nice to know that even when someone is down, she is still able to forge ahead and do the best she can for her family especially her little boy. She has journaled that sometimes she does feel down and feeling of pity comes in... I think its OK for someone to sometimes feel that way. All a parent wants for their child is the best of everything especially health. I've known parents who would go into denial mode when their child have health issues but D has not done that at all. She is just as proud of this boy as she is of her daughter. We all can learn from this family a lesson or two.... Do say a pray for little Nick if you can... that cute little boy sure loves your prayers.



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