August 4, 2008

Be Nice To Me Or I'll Blog About You!!!

Last Saturday, as we had breakfast at McD's. Now, don't lecture me on how unhealthy it is to have McD for breakfast. I just love their Sausage McMuffins with Eggs and their hashbrowns. Greg asked me to finish his hashbrowns and when I took a bite, Gilly said "Mummy, you are eating more than us!" I smiled and pointed to my T-shirt and told her "Read this."

My t-shirt basically said "Be nice to me or I'll blog about you". Gilly giggled the moment she read it. Then Greg proceeded to say, yeah mummy, you are bigger than us. I turned to him and said "Read this" and continued... "oh you dont' read".. Gilly quickly said, "Greg you better be nice to her or she will blog about you." Greg laughed and said, "she always blogs about me."

Oh well, I guess the shirt is a warning to others but not my kids. It won't work. hahahaha ...I did wear that t-shirt to church and to a family function on Sunday... Good enough a warning??? *giggles*



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