August 11, 2008

What is the bigger picture??

My neighbor, D (2 doors away), had delivered a baby boy end of May. We always assume that we would all bring home a healthy baby. D however knew earlier than her son would have some challenges. I wasn't aware of it until I notice that she and her hubby wasn't home. Only then did I find out from her mom that the baby had complications. Even when I saw D later, she briefed me about her son's situation and yet, I didn't realize how serious was the situation.

Her son has
Charge Syndrome. I never heard of it until I Googled it. I remember feeling horrified when I realized what was thrown into D's way. This is something you dont' wish even on someone you hate whatmore your friend. I hate to say this but Down Syndrome would be an easier diagnosis than what D's son has.

Little D has progress pretty well but he is still not well enough to leave NICU to come home. Her previous entry had mentioned he may come home on Monday but today, when I read her latest entry, explained what went on during the weekend and little D won't be home. D has learnt not to plan too much these days. She says "Plans, who needs them anyway, right? Nothing in life really turns out as you plan them!"

She has alot of support from family and friends. Everyone has been praying for them. I do keep little D in my prayers and hope he gets to go home pretty soon. I know he is a fighter and so is his mom and dad. I just hope God gives them a good break. They need more good news and good outcome when it comes to Little D. Little D has a 2 year old sister (K) and she too has been affected by it. I just can't imagine how D feels everytime she has to leave K behind because she has to go to the hospital to be with Little D. No mother should have to feel guilty that she has to spend all the time in the hosp with a baby and having to leave the other child at home or with grandma. We always assume we would bring home a newborn and let the baby bond with the sibling.
What I've learnt in from D's situation,
  • Dont' wish for a certain gender, just be grateful for a healthy child,
  • Be thankful for everything. Even tiny little thing like our child having finish their milk or meal.
  • God sure has his way with things, one day he will throw something good at you and another day... it may be something bad but he has his plans we just don't understand

Alright .. sorry for my rambling.. reading her journal entry just made me frustrated. I've been wanting to blog about D and her situation but today I am finally rambling... I would love to add her link here but I dont' have her permission as she doesn't know about my blog... Its a lovely journal as it tells you of how amazing this family is during this difficult time.. it shows us how vunerable and strong anyone can be... so if you have time, do find out more about Charge Syndrome. Please keep D and her family, especially little D in your prays...



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