August 29, 2008

Red Red Red

My garden has been invaded by RED!!!! Yes, I was too greedy that I planted 2 - celebrity tomato plants, 1 - 100 sweet tomatoes plant, 1 - cherry tomato plant, 1 - grape tomato plant. I planted 1 cayenne pepper plant and on top of it, I have 1 from last year that I took into the house during winter... so the tomatoes and cayenne peppers are all turning red now.
I've been bad and not taken photos of my plants outside... but here are the few tomatoes and chili that I have on my table. I been taking tomatoes to church and walking around my block giving away tomatoes... hmmm... maybe I should just start a tomato stall myself.. hahaha... I'll try to take photos of the celebrity photos. I showed Gilly today when we were at the grocery store that that same tomato cost $3.99/lb and how much we are saving by planting our own tomato plants. I just love eating tomatoes and we have had a few burgers with it.. and used alot for my ABC soup. I'm gonna force myself to cook some Lemongrass chicken which I learnt from Gertrude last year.


junoqua on 30 August, 2008 00:35 said...

Hey, you can use some of them to make a sweet n spicy dip sauce. Store in a jar and refrigerate. Handy anytime with whatever. :)

Geraldine on 31 August, 2008 07:21 said...

I finally tried my red chilies.. holy cow.. it was very hot.. I had to gulp some cold milk to cool the hot.. I hear if you let it ripen on the plant, the produce hot hot hot chili...


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