August 28, 2008

My day.

It was Monday and the 3rd day my kids are in school fulltime. I had a few plans of running around wasting money at Linen N Things and I had a few urgent calls to make. There my phone rang and it was my gf K. She sounded like she was dying and asked if I had any plans. Of course me without any life now, I said "No". She asked if I could babysit her 2 1/2 year old baby. It looked like K caught a bad bug and even her hubby was out of commission. I quickly made my calls then jumped into the van to get "Clicket". Clicket was an easy baby so I didn't have to worry much. But it suddenly hit me that I don't have anymore potties. Then I realize, that I had to be vigilante with her doing her "pee pee". She happily followed me into the van after saying bye bye to her daddy. We got back to my place and she ran in to play with Shan. Later we went to the garden and she helped me water... and she is a good "sprinkler" hehehe... she insisted on watering all my plants. I just had to make sure she didn't shower herself as we didn't have an extra change of clothes. About 11am, I packed her into the van and we went to Gilly's ballet school. I had to signed Gilly up for ballet. All the moms in there were curious who was this little caucasian girl following me. I jokingly said "oh,. she is my russian daughter". They were shocked and I quickly told them "Since Greg is in Kindergarten, I decided to adopt a Russian baby". I added "I didn't want to go the China route you know".. They laughed and looked like the bought my story. I quickly told them that I was babysitting for a friend. After 45 minutes, it was my turn with the teacher and when I sat down, Clicket decided to climb up my chair and Mrs King asked if I knew the girl behind me. I laughed and said "She's my Russian daughter." She looked amazed and ask "Are you serious?" I turned around to Clicket and said "Clicket, say Hi to Gilly's ballet teacher." Clicket did precisely that and that shocked Mrs King. "K" and I had a good laugh at it. The joke behind it was once I had Clicket on a shopping cart in Target and this white lady gave me a weird look. I realized why she gave me that look as its a common thing to see a white lady with a Chinese baby but not a Chinese lady with a white baby. Clicket was enchanted by this pastel pink/blue tutu and kept asking for that costume. It was on sale for $25 which is a bargain considering the original price was $65. In her baby language she pointed to the dress and said "Clicket dance" with her hands up in the air and she did her turn. It was so cute. It was a nice thing to have a 2 year old around the house. Its been 3 years since I had a 2 year old and trying to understand her is a hoot.. She kept saying "cookie" when I asked what she wanted for lunch. And when I repeat cookie to her.. she said NO. Only her mummy would understand her. I'm glad I'm done with babies cos at 39... it can be tiring.. hahahaha... shhh!!!! I took a nap while she watched Cailou and then I took a nap after I sent her home. The kids got home from school and we all went down to the basement to play. Then I realize that Clicket should fit into Gilly's old ballet costumes. We dug thru her trunk and found one... Clicket was so happy when we put that piece of tutu on her. She ended up going home in that outfit and the reaction on her older sister was priceless.

Clicket in her ballet dress



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