August 6, 2008

My Wii Fit

I finally got my Wii Fit, thanks to my niece who had lined up for hours at the store. How is my Wii Fit, its such a cool and cute device. I'm amazed at how innovative these techie guys are at inventing something like this for us lazy bumps to exercise.

I just love the fact it helps track my weight and tells me how unfit I am. It allows me to set a goal on weight loss for a period of weeks or months as I see fit. So far my machines has called me a couch potato. It says I've a body of a 59 year old person and I'm embarassed to announce my BMI.. so you take a guess if its overweight or obese. Please don't use the comments to play a guessing game... hmm... maybe I should disable the comment for this entry. hahahahaha. It guides me with my balance when I'm doing yoga. I love that hula hoop that makes me make 300 spins. I hate it when I cant' balance and get my head hit by shoes at that football goalie game. The more minutes I spend exercising on it, it opens up newer and harder exercises for me.

Last friday, I paid a visit to my endocrinologist. Do not ask me why I went to see this old man who is very slow paced , mellow personality. I've seen him since I was pregnant with Gilly. I just trust him enough to go get my blood drawn by him. For those of you that know me well, you know how I hate needles.. hate is a very mellow word when it comes to my distaste for needles. We were talking about me and losing weight and I told him about my new toy.. He had a good laugh at the comments I get from my Wii Fit. He is the cool and calm type of person and is one that seldom laughs (the most you see is a smile from him). He was curious at all the functions of the wii Fit. He gave me the usual card for me to call in to listen to the results of my blood work.

Yesterday, the kids and I spent the whole day in the Shedd Aquarium. When I got home, I saw on my caller ID that the hospital called. I got kinda worried as calls from Hosp usually didn't mean good news. This morning I called that 1-800 number to see what was going on.. to only get my blood work results... PLUS my doctor asking me for that device that I told him about because he wanted to get it for HIMSELF. He usually records the results and not call me. That's why when I saw he called, I got worried. I had a good laugh at that.. He wants a wii Fit. I'll will have to call and tell his nurse that its called Wii Fit.

If you are interested, here is a video I found on Youtube showing what a Wii Fit does...



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