June 5, 2008

Boxes! Boxes! Boxes!

Do you buy new things and keep the boxes thinking one of these days when you move you need the box. Or think when you sell your used things on ebay, you will need the original box to ship out the item. I'm embarass to say, I'm one that does that.

When we open our new purchase, I would ask my hubby to drag the box into the basement. He would happily do it and literarily take the box down. Is the box arranged so it kept in an orderly manner? NO.. its just "dropped" in the basement. We had this big mess of box... until today.

This morning at 6.30, I decided to just go down to the basement and get hubby to bring up heavy itmes from the basement to the living room. I ended up getting annoyed with the sight of the boxes that I strayed away from my original plan and started clearing up old cardboard boxes. I sorted out the styrofoams and plastic bags and flatted out the boxes. When the kids woke up, without breakfast(shhh!!!) we loaded the minivan with flatten cardboards. This went on until 10:05 a.m. when we realize that we had a play-date at 11 a.m and better go brush our teeth, drink some milk, get dressed and rush to the recycling center.

Boxes from Basement

I'm glad the kids woke up and helped as it was pretty tedious to sort out the boxes and its packing materials plus dragging it up stairs to the 1st floor then drag them to the garage and then to the minivan. Tiny hands and feet but they were were a BIG help.

Van stacked up with flatten boxes

Oh.. boy... we sure filled up the car. By the time we went to the recycling center, the back of the minivan was filled with flatten boxes. Now, now... don't say I'm abusing my kids... yes, we only had cereal straw and milk for breakfast but they had a heck of a play date. We went to our friend's house and the kids played for 30 minutes. Then we went to McD for lunch as we were starving and they kids got to play at McD for whole 2 hours and 30 minutes!!!!! I'm glad the kids got to play as they are kinda sick of playing with just their sibling. Its hard on them when they are so used to seeing their friends in school everyday and to not see any kid unless there are playdates. Hopefully we will have more playdate and that would give the kids something to look forward.


Beachlover on 06 June, 2008 02:09 said...

That same goes with my hubby,he keep every box in our garage!!.I keep throwing out each time I walk into our garage,so "chor teng".Luckily we have recycle collection for paper every 2 week .So I just bring out the nite b4 recycle day

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a lot of boxes. Can sell to the 'jual suratkhabar lama' man for quite some $$$ here.

ICook4Fun on 08 June, 2008 16:35 said...

Aiyoh just like Lesley's husband my husband too like to keep boxes at our basement. He kept all the boxes we used for our moved to PA


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