June 11, 2008

My First Garage Sale

I finally did something American. I had a garage sale over this weekend. That was why I was busy cleaning up my basement and even my garage. I told my hubby he owes me big time as I have even cleaned up the garage after the garage sale. My main concern was getting rid of the bulky baby items. I lined them out in my driveway and kept the tiny items inside the garage. I'm grateful that we had nice weather during the whole sale. I had another friend that came over to sell some toys. Granted we didn't sell like hotcakes but the mere fact we got to sit and chat inbetween people walking in ... it was fun.

A friend was shocked that I never had a garage sale before. I quickly reminded her that I am Malaysian and we dont' have garages back home or do we???

All the baby stuff lined up in the driveway. Kids woke up early for the garage sale.

How was my experience overall?? I had mixed feelings... I learnt how sentimental I am. Being the last minute person I only got to the baby clothes Friday at 11pm. By then I was exhausted and being determined, I tried going thru a few boxes of the newborns... Oh boy... I didn't expect myself to react the way I did. I thought I would just recollect the times when my babies wore those clothes... How wrong I was. I've long ago given away alot of girl baby clothes to my sister so I had to deal with Greg's baby clothes. There I saw the cute onesie that I was forced to go buy a week after delivering Greg. We realize we didn't have many boy clothes and couldn't make ourselves let him wear pink onesies.. hahaha... So when I saw that onesie... I went "oh... I remember you.. I was forced to go out and buy you"... then tears started rolling .... then I reached out for another and again I started tearing...

I would turn around and ask my hubby if he remembers those outfits. He was busy running between basement and garage and I realize he sat down(it was nice of him to be supportive when I was a basket case). Then came this tiny little dress.. and tat was it.. It was Gilly's first little dress... I started crying and I then decided it was just too much for me. Those boxes has been in there for 4 years and another few weeks won't kill us. I'll have to go thru those clothes this week for a friend who is having a baby boy. I will make sure I will be fresh and not exhausted when I dive into that pile again

Other view of the driveway

During the sale, a lady bought this green push cart... as she carried it away, old memories of Gilly, pushing that cart and chasing Shan (our shih tzu) in our then 660 sq ft. apartment, flashed thru my mind. Another lady bought our exersaucer and as I said bye to the exersaucer, I recollected how much I hated buying that exersaucer for Greg my 2nd child. I didn't believe in exersaucer or walkers but was desperate enough to buy it when Greg refuse to be put down. He wanted to be carried all the time that for a week we had to do carry out as I could not cook. Its just silly but those toys do have alot of stories behind it. We had another push toy that had sentimental value. It was given by hubby's friend's wife. I didn't know her well then but she later became the kids' Godmother and a good friend to us. She happened to be there at the garage sale to see it go bye bye.... She even remembered that toy.

Little green toy next to Greg was used by Gilly to terrorize the dog!!!

We dragged the old crib out and were determine to get rid of it that we just put a Free sign on it. hehehe... I asked my hubby if he wanted to take it down to the basement again... He was smart enough to say "lets just get rid of it."

Isn't my garage clean??

I gave Gilly a little table for her to sell some items. She got all excited and managed to sell $13 worth of things. I think she did sell more just mummy didn't give her the money when she needed change. Shhh... please don't remind her.

We ended the garage sale at 3pm and took the kids for ice cream after dropping off some toys at Goodwill. The weather started getting bad and I was so exhausted that I took a nap. During my nap I heard siren but I ignored it until Hubby came up to tell me the tornado siren is on and I better get my butt down to the basement. We sat huddled in the basement for good 45 minutes until we couldn't hear anymore siren. We were lucky that the tornado missed us by a few miles. It hit Richton Park and University Park. I'm glad it happened last weekend and not the earlier weekend as we were at University Park for Gilly's ballet recital. I crawled back to bed and slept until 10 when Hubby came up to remind me to eat. Yes I forgot to eat!!!!! Even after chowing down some fried rice, right away I went back to bed. Now its just time for me to start sorting the stuff I want to send to Goodwill, to church, to a friend and trash.

My girlfriend blogged about what had happened to her 5 year old after they left our place. If you have time do stop at her blog to see what happened. Its just so funny that I still laugh about it until today.


MJ Tam on 13 June, 2008 15:20 said...

Boy, I'm still tired after looking at those picture. I forgot to ask you...are we still doing this next year?

Beachlover on 14 June, 2008 00:41 said...

oh!! garage sale.I'm planning my garage sale next week,of course like you first timer.Your baby stuffs still look so new.Aren't you going to keep all the BB for Gerg bro and sis?

Anonymous said...

Did you pick a few of your kids special clothes & toys to be kept in a 'keepsake' box? Thats what I do.Take those items that are especially sentimental for one reason or another...then haul the rest for garage sale or donation.Makes it easier for my old heart.If not, become a basket case like you also! Haha!

Did you all get to see or hear the tornado at all? I'm very jakun type...very curious.Always wondered whats it like to be in a tornado storm!



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