June 3, 2008

My Gorgeous Clematis

2 summers ago, I decided to plant some clematis and bought those cheapo tiny pots from Home Depot for $8 each. Those 2 tiny plants has blossom to these two displays which I brightens my morning when I look out of my kitchen window. I chose the purple clematis and Gilly has staked claim that the multicolored one is hers. Gardening is still new to me and I'm still experimenting with my plants. I trimmed one back last year and it has not bushed out as good as the other.. but I still love its lovely display.

I'll say if you are patient person, just buy those small plants and you will still get the stunning display a clematis would give in a year or two.

The trimmed clematis which is now climbing higher

Gilly's clematis


MJ Tam on 03 June, 2008 15:06 said...

You have a what? Clematis? Clematis sounds like a disease! hehe-- But that is definitely a beauty to behold from your window. Great job!

Beachlover on 04 June, 2008 00:32 said...

oh!! your clematis look so beautiful!! salut your hard work..I saw in Walmart but don't dore to buy,now you motivate me!! hehehe!

ICook4Fun on 04 June, 2008 09:19 said...

What a beautiful flowers :)This is the first time me seeing this flowrs and they are just beautiful. Now I also want to plant this :)

Geraldine on 04 June, 2008 15:05 said...

MJ, dont' you dare sell them at the garage sale!!

Beachlover: yes do go buy them. No hardwork at all.. I didn't do anything except add compost and water it.

Gert: they are beautiful and easy to take care. I can't believe the tiny plant now has so much flowers. I feel like buying more hehehe..


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