June 2, 2008

Last Day of School & First Day of Summer Vacation

YIKES!!!!!!!! Today is the last day of school for Gilly.... Yahoo for Gilly and Yikes for Mummy... hahahaha.... Yes I start my 24/7 job as a referee. Both my kids will be home all the time and they have started their "fights"

I love the fact we have not too much schedule to adhere and basically have all the free time in the world. We can get up late and not rush anyone out of the door. We have swimming lessons planned, a week where Gilly goes to Brownie camp and activities signed up at the library. I do have a busy Wednesday where I have scheduled all my piano lessons. Midweek where we dont' have to reschedule anyone if anyone decides to go on a long weekend vacation. We are pretty upset we dont' get to go back to Malaysia but hopefully we can plan one end of the year or next year. Better planning.. no more procastinating!!!!

Gilly getting on the bus at 8.30 am

Gilly getting off the bus at 10.30 am

We have an annual tradition we do each year around this time of the year. The next day after ballet recital, I cut Gilly's hair shorter. No need for her hair to be bunned up so its all snipped up. Gilly who is a free spirit loves long hair but dislikes combing or tying her hair. Its just more practical during summer to have her hair short since its hot and sweaty. So.. this is what I've done to her hair. Yes... I cut her hair myself.. hahaha... Surprisingly she will not like her hair cut but when its short ... she loves the lighter feel to it and doesn't complain.

Gilly with hair shorter by 2 p.m


MJ Tam on 03 June, 2008 15:07 said...

Hurrah! No more school.

I love those toothless grins.


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