June 26, 2008

Char Koay Teow at Asian Noodle House (Hoffman Estate, IL)

Whenever I go back to the northwest suburbs of Chicago, especially when I'm around Schaumburg or Arlington Heights. I would go about with my activities but one thing for sure, I would stop at Asian Noodle House at Hoffman Estate to pay Susan and her hubby Kevin a visit. Its a must for me to have my kick of Char Koay Teow. They cook it the Klang style which is darker than the Penang style. Kevin is from Klang and that's why CKT is how it is.. I love my Penang CKT but since I grew up in Klang, the Klang version is also something I crave. I was in Schaumburg last Tuesday and I made my stop at asian Noodle House. I did a carry out as I just finished lunch. I was all excited as I knew I was going to enjoy my dinner at home... unfortunately I got excited seeing Susan and forgot to say "add bak eu pok" hehehehe.. yes that sinfully fattening lard!!!! oh welll... I did enjoy my dinner...

My plate of Char Koay Teow

If any Malaysian that is visiting Chicago, don't just stop at Penang in Chinatown... Do stop at Asian Noodle House. They do have specials especially on weekends and just ask if they have specials as its not in the menu.

They are located at the intersection of Roselle Rd and Higgins Rd.

Asian Noodle House
844 N Roselle Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60194

*Note* I've not been paid by Asian Noodle House... Its just a must stop for me whenever I'm up in that area and I figured some Malaysians who are out of town may like to try this place out. I know alot of out of towners shop at Woodfield Mall so this place is just a 5 minute drive from there.


MJ Tam on 29 June, 2008 17:00 said...

Hey, the kiddos and I were just at Penang this past Friday. Now I gotta try that noodle place you are saying...

Anonymous said...

So if we visit u in Chicago, u are going to bring us this place? LOL

T.L. on 27 July, 2010 09:38 said...

Hi, I've been searching for some info on Asian Noodle House and came across your blog post. Nice tip about the "bak eu pok!" Do you have any other recommendations? Sadly, can't find any preview of their menu online and was wondering if you had a copy handy that you could perhaps scan? I'm a Malaysian student in Michigan and I would love to know what Asian Noodle House has to offer.

Please do let me know, thanks!

Geraldine on 09 August, 2010 12:57 said...

Hi TL, thanks for dropping by. I don't have the menu as I usually order the Char Koay Teow only. I know they have BKT, curry mee, wa tan hor, wonton noodles. They do have specials on weekends.


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