June 9, 2008

This damn craze of Wii !!!

We have had our Wii system since December 2007 and I've to say our kids don't get to play with it too much. Our house rule is no TV on school days that means no TV, video games nor computer. Even on weekends they sometimes get their TV priveleges taken away for being naughty during the week. We only have Wii Sports, Mario Galaxy, Pets Dogs, Cars and Cooking Mama. I've seen the Kart a few times months ago but never bothered to buy them... until a few weeks ago. Trouble is, they are never in stock!!! I don't understand how dumb Nintendo gets with a limited production that gives rise to scalpers that double the prices of the in-demand items.

Yesterday, I saw the Target sales ads and decided to stop there on our way home from church. It was about 1.30pm. Lo and behold, there was one miserable box left. Yes one lonely box which got me excited. I thought lady luck was on my side.. until I got to the sales assistant. He glanced at me and I said I needed help on the Wii aisle. He told me he would get to me soon. He was attending to 2 customers and when I glanced to see if he was still busy.. this lady told me "He has 2 people ahead of you". I said I know.. then when he came to where I was standing, this lady again turned around and told me... "I was here first", then when the guy asked me what I needed I told him Mario Kart. She quickly told him and me "I wanted the Mario Kar and I was here". I just smiled and told her, "yes if you are here then you should get it first. I know how hard it is to get it". It got me irritated on the way home how bitchy she was. That kinda spoilt my mood for the day but its OK... I went to a party and had fun there.

Today, I was browsing on the internet to see who in this world has a Mario Kart available... and to my surprise ToysRUs said they have stock.. so I called and asked and the lady told me they had stock. I asked her if she only had one or two and she said "oh.. we have alot". I quickly told the kids to get into the car. For the first time in their lives, I have 2 most obedient kids!!!! I had to get them from the garage to help me close the windows and get the dog caged. hahaha.. weren't they quick for once???

We arrived at ToysRus and yes.. they had 3 on the shelf and about 5 more behind the counter. We grabbed one and the kids asked for an extra wheel. Before paying for the item, I made them promise not to ask for any new toy for 2 months as this past week we have gotten them the extra remote/nunchuck and cooking mama game. They promise (I wonder how long this will last).

I decided to head to Costco to fill up the van with the ever so cheap gas ($4.09/gallon) and ran to get myself the umbrella base which weight 65lbs. hahaha I had to get the guy to help me load it to my van. We casually browsed thru the aisled and to our surprise they had Wii Mario Kart and it was $6 cheaper. Like a dumbo.. I just grabbed one of the empty box and went to the counter. They did have stock and I just decided to grab an extra one... I thought I could sell the one I got from ToysRus to my neighbor... now my hubby thinks he should be a scalper as well hahahaha.. we shall see....

As for that bitchy lady... why stress yourself up... your kid won't die without a Mario Kart and the ugly side of you won't have surfaced. I now have 2 Mario karts.. thanks to you silly desperate woman!!!!!! Now.. the quest for a wii Fit for Mummy dearest



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