June 10, 2008

Greg and his hatred for Ebay!!!!

If you didn't read my entry yesterday, we finally bought the Wii Mario Kart yesterday. The kids were so excited that they finally got their Mario Kart. However just before dinner the kids got into big trouble for fighting (yes, those push, kick and hit fights). They were sitting miserably at the dinning table thinking they had to eat white bread for dinner as punishment. When I told hubby that we have 2 mario kart and he suggested selling one on ebay. Greg threw a fit thinking we were selling his Mario Kart because he was naughty. As the Malay saying goes.. "siapa makan chili dia rasa pedas" (english: whoever that eats the hot pepper, is the one tat feels the heat/burn". He was balling like crazy... We were laughing at how he reacted and this did go on for awhile. So here are the photos to show how IMPORTANT a wii game is to a 5 year old.

Click on the photos to see his tears.


ICook4Fun on 10 June, 2008 13:21 said...

Oh that poor boy. He really cries his heart out. Just look at all the tears streaming down his face :)

Beachlover on 10 June, 2008 23:58 said...

omg!! I know alot of children go crazy for WII game.I remember ppls line up on Thanksgiving for hours waiting for this game but have no idea why they liked it.But looking at Greg face and tears confirm what they said,a Must have item!!Poor boy!.I show Mishu Greg crying ,she said "this little gal crying"!! what he not gal la,BOY la!!hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo....cry until like that.So cute! I know its not supposed to be funny....but so cute & funny lah!



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