June 26, 2008

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day almost 2 weekends ago. I know, I know, I've been bad at adding new posting. We have been pretty busy running around but I did try my best to have my camera with me.

We didn't do much for Father's Day. I forced myself to not make Daddy do any work. He got to sleep in late (he woke up at 10a.m.) but by the time it was ready for lunch, all the pancake houses we packed and we didn't want to wait. We ended up at Culvers which made the kids even happier as they love Culver's custard(I dont' know why its custard, to me its just ice cream). Later Daddy got to grill himself a steak (another luxury for him as I'm not a beef/steak eater)... Now.. don't give me the lecture on why he has to cook his own steak... cos if I do it.. it will be well done and he likes his bloody!!!!! He had a day of not having to do almost anything but just relax..

Found Greg had come into our bedroom and slept on Daddy.


Beachlover on 28 June, 2008 21:45 said...

oh!Greg is so cute ,sleeping on his Daddy!

MJ Tam on 29 June, 2008 17:02 said...

Talk about heavy sleeper! I'm surprised Tarzan dozed off that way...lol

cakeART on 04 July, 2008 22:46 said...

Hi Geraldine! How cute is that pic!!! So nice to 'see' you after all this time.... Your kids are adorable...
Thanks for dropping me a line, and your memory is fantastic. The swan you are talking about was cream puffs! and my mum hasn't made those in more than 20years I think!!!

cakeART on 04 July, 2008 22:51 said...

Hey Geraldine!
How cute is that pic!! Your kids are so adorable...good to 'see' you after all these years.
Thanks for dropping me a line, and your memory is really good. the swan you are talking about were cream puffs! and ma has not made them in more than 20 years!


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