June 13, 2008

What is up with Lia Sophia?

*Please note that this is my opinion*

On May 9th, my girlfriends and I were invited to a Lia Sophia party. I've never been to a jewelery party and was rather interested in seeing what they have available. I've to admit that since the babies, I've neglected myself and have not bought anything pretty for myself. So there we strut to the party house. To our surprise, it was only us 3 girls that were there besides the hostest's miserable few family members. It was only me and my gf S and we made sure K would appear at the party even if she was gonna be very late. Guess what... she managed to come even with all the chaos at her place. She was 1 hour late and our hostess was so nice to wait for K. hahaha... nice or desperate as S and I were the only actual customers there.

The sales person right away put on an necklace on us which I thought was weird as you don't really know who has previously worn it and if its clean. We shut up and just went about being "polite"

By the time the presentation started there was the hostess's mom, and us 3 gals.. pathetic??? My gf K was nice enough to volunteer herself to host a party since the hostess's sister has decided to sell Lia Sophia (i don't know what you call those ladies). K was allowed to buy one item for $20 (original price $100) if she does host a party. We all paid with our credit cards and K paid for that $20 for the host special.

Fastforward to yesterday... we finally got our jewelery... ahhhhh about 4 weeks later. On Monday, I called and ask S if she had gotten her jewelry. She said No and I figured we both are in the same boat. When we checked our credit card, we know that there was Lia Sophia trasaction. Now why weren't we getting our item??? K called the hostess to find out that she actually has the jewelery. Now how dumb can they be??? Don't they have the courtesy to call us and tell us its with her? All she needed to do was call one of us gals as we are always together. Not an apology ... nothing... We had to drive to her house and pick it up.

K went to deliver S her jewelry ... and to find out.. its the WRONG item!!!!! K had bought the $20 hostess special jewelery... and she found out it wasn't in the bag. So she had to call the hostess again.. to find out .. GET THIS.... Lia Sophia has charged you for that piece of jewelery but you only get them when you have that party. This in my opinion is NOT RIGHT, as consumer you should be charged for goods received when you get them. Not held like a BLACKMAIL with the condition you will get it when you have the party. That would mean if you decide to host the party say.... 6 months later.. Lia Sophia is holding your $$$$ for 6 months. Is that ethical???

The efficiency of the Advisor is another issue. Calls to the lady that was training our hostess's sister hasn't not been returned. K had to call customer service to see what was going on with our transaction. Not only that... K was suppose to host a party end of June and she was forced to submit a list of guest she inviting. She was told that Lia Sophia wants to make sure invites are sent out on time. Mind you if K is a dumbo and sends it out 1 week before the party.. then yes.. Lia Sophia is right.. but K is a party planner herself and always sends out invites 1 month ahead. I think that is right to do that, no.. she was told that invites would only be sent 2 weeks before the party. Now that would mean her friends only have 1 1/2 weeks advance notice. A lot of us have lives you know.. we just can't throw or push our plans aside for a jewelery party.

So ... for me this fiasco with Lia Sophia and its consultants were ridiculous to the point I just have to laugh it off as a lesson learnt. I guess I won't be going for any of those parties anymore. Serves me right for wanting a bit of an adventure.

**Updated on 6/26/08**
My girlfriend who received the wrong necklace... she just realize she got charged on her credit card TWICE for the necklace!!!! My other gf has decided to cancel the party and to return all her purchase. K and I did not get a white receipt, instead we got the carbon copy order form. We found out that without that white receipt, you can't get a refund!!!! What a whole bunch of crap. I promise that Lia Sophia will not get a dime from me anymore!!!!!!! I don't even want to deal with them. Lesson learnt indeed!!!!

12/19/2010: Dear readers, I have decided to close the comments on this topic. Its been 2 years and its time to move on. I've always stated that the company shd monitor their consultant as those consultant's actions does reflect the company image and NO!!! I've never been contact by anyone to rectify anything so I'm done.


MJ Tam on 13 June, 2008 14:46 said...

You should really link this to the company.

I hate it when that happens!

Beachlover on 14 June, 2008 00:31 said...

oh!! I never trust this ppls,so I never acgree to join any of this party or sales..I rather go to Birthday party.I know what you mean..report them to BBB!!

MJ Tam on 24 June, 2008 14:57 said...

yo! nudging you for some updates

Alesia said...

Hello, i want to apologize, I just wanted you to know that most of what your speaking of has to do with the Advisor who was running that party. As a lia sophia advisor, the booking piece is just that, you get your booking piece the night of the party, some advisors don't charge the 15.00 for the booking piece and some do. However they aren't suppose to charge you for it until 2 weeks before the show. However it sounds like the person actually got the hostess special which she should have received right away. Once the party has been closed it shouldn't take more then a week to get your purchase. It was also the advisor responsibility to make sure you had received your actual receipt. If you feel the advisor was not doing her job I would definitely take it to lia sophia and they will take care of it. It sounds like someone took you for a ride unfortunately and Im sorry but not all advisors are like this one. I own alot of their jewelry and love the quality and the fact that I can replace it no matter what happens to it. So much so that I just signed up with them to be an advisor. I personally give my hostesses their booking piece for free and make sure that they are 100% taken care of from the beginning. Again Im sorry and hope that you would let the company know what had taken place. Best of luck to you.

Geraldine on 24 August, 2009 08:06 said...

You don't have to apologize.. its not your fault.. like you said, its the advisor's fault.

Yes, we can blame the advisor but all in all Companies that does direct selling should have strict guidelines. Like how easily you found my blog and my grief, I've never heard from Lia Sophia... that tells you big time how they care for their customer. In my opnion..

Its been a year and I've just decided to think of the $$$, emotions and time wasted as a lesson in life. I just learn to stay away from parties that sell things!!!

koledust on 19 July, 2010 15:08 said...

I don't think it was the company... it was the consultant. You should have gotten your jewelry within 1 week or less... you should have not gotten charged for you piece until close to your party... and the piece was wrong because the consultant didn't put it in right... and you should have gotten a white copy... but your consultant didn't give it to you. Thought I would just let you know.

Geraldine on 23 July, 2010 15:54 said...

Hi Koledust,

Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you about the fault being the consultant. However its not my job to know which paper is what.

A company who runs this business should have made sure the consultants know what documents should be given to the customer.

Any company that depends on individual consultant should train their consultants on the business procedures before even letting any of them work in a party.

Its been a few years and I don't want to dwell it it. Its life lessons that we learn along the way.


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